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Changing Lives Through Better Hearing

Patient Testimonials

Aberdeen Hearing and Tinnitus Testimonials

"Lyric has changed my life."
Donna, Patient since 2007
“My husband is so happy with his new device he brags to whoever will listen to him!”
Phil, Wife of Patient since 2011
“The hearing aids are like a miracle, I can hear!! I even turn the TV down to 10 from 40! Now I enjoy joining groups, and I told the Pastor he doesn’t ‘mumble’ anymore.”
Dorothy, Patient since 2008
“The Zen feature on the Widex hearing device absolutely was the answer for me to deal with my tinnitus.”
Steve, Patient since 2012
“Efficient and friendly service from all staff members. Courtesy and respect is their motto no matter how small or large the problem.”
Carl, Patient since 2007
“I can now be a good listener and participate in conversations. Hearing aids are well worth the money. All in all, I would highly recommend the entire staff at Aberdeen Hearing Clinic.”
Lela, Patient since 2012
“When the hearing aids were placed in my ears a new world opened up – But not just for me. I realized this was to show my loved ones that I care for them. It was as much for them as it was for me.”
Jerry, Patient since 2012
“I love the smile my husband wears because he can hear again! I liked the attention given to him by the Doctor and the whole office.”
Rita, Wife of Patient since 2012

Auditory Connections Testimonials

“Abby my four-year-old daughter got hearing aids and started Auditory Connections Therapy this fall, and they have both helped her so much. She is talking better and having much better conversations with others. I was worried she wouldn’t be ready for kindergarten next year, but now I have no worries. She tells me what she wants so much clearer now! She interacts great with other kids and her peers now. I’m so happy we went to Dr. Rich and got the help that she needed. It made a big difference in Abby’s life.”
Anette H.
“My daughter started the Auditory Connections Program in august 2016. She was a poor reader with limited confidence in her abilities. The therapist was great at pushing my daughter and giving her extra time and space when needed, and always gave us new fun exercises to try at home. The Auditory Connections Program was great for my nine-year-old. She gained so much confidence in her reading and learning skills. Her improvement in reading has exceeded what her 4th grade reading teacher was expecting. I’m very glad that Kaitlyn was able to take part in the Auditory Connections Program.”
Kari F.
“Tavin was a preemie with hearing loss issues around 9 months, as well as speech and language delays and trouble sleeping. I have seen so many positive gains in Tavin and he can now sit down and focus on a task. His memory has improved and he can recall information when reading stories and tell me what he thinks might happen next. I have seen many improvements in his speech, and he can organize his thoughts better on paper when coloring and it is awesome! I was so happy with the results we were seeing in the first two weeks of this program that I started my other 5-year-old son in it as well.”
Allecia S.
“I started Kashton on the program because of the positive changes I was seeing in his 4-year-old brother. Kashton did not have a lot of issues, except I was concerned with him being in speech therapy. There have been such positive and wonderful gains made since starting and completing this program. He has now exited speech therapy services and has started reading. He is also able to sit down and focus on a task better. His memory is very good, sometimes too good! I am very pleased with the results of this program.”
Allecia S.
“I had both my boys doing Auditory Connections and saw so many positive changes in them. I asked if there was an adult version in this program, and I completed the Optimal Performance sessions. Some of the things I noticed was that I had a more positive mood, and could deal with stressful situations and not let my frustrations get the best of me.”
Allecia S.
“My family has been searching for a therapy for me to get my memory back. I was diagnosed with dementia and my family was told to go home and make end of life decisions. Thankfully, they did not accept this and then we found the Auditory Connections Program. There is no other therapy like this and right away we started to see improvements. Things that were difficult for me to understand and accomplish, I can now do. I was no longer able to write what year it was even though we had been working on it for months. Things are getting much easier for me now and my memory is improving. I feel so much better and most of all, we all have hope that I will continue to improve. Thank you so much for giving me and my family our lives back! I recommend this therapy to everyone.”
Mercedes B.
“I decided to try this program for myself when I continued to see such positive changes in our patients. I have seen so many different things that have changed in my life for the better since I started this program. It has taken so much stress away and lowered my anxiety. My mood is better and I feel much happier and more energized. I sleep better at night and feel much calmer, as opposed to having my mind racing all day every day. I can handle a lot more now without getting so worked up over the little things. Overall, I feel whole and complete for the first time in my life. I am much more grounded with a lot less stress and worry in my life. I am so happy I tried this therapy, it was the best decision of my life!”
Erica F.
“I started Auditory Connections because I was curious about the impact this program would have on my aging brain, and with my 99-year-old mother. I want to go through the next 30 plus years with my brain as sharp as possible. After the first couple of weeks in the program, I felt dull and stupid. I had many problems and could not think clearly. I could not do simple math problems in my head etc. I understood that this was regression as my brain healed, so I kept using the program. Now after 35+ sessions, I feel more joyful, more calm, and functioning more clearly mentally. My coordination especially with my non-dominant left hand, has increased noticeably. I was surprised at the emotional benefits I am happier, more calm, less worry and anxiety. Overall, the benefits are far more holistic than I expected.”
Jean D.
“Tate has improved greatly with his balance and motor skills. He is able to balance and do other activities with both his left and right hands. Tate has come a long way with his attention to detail in his coloring and his handwriting. He now stays in the lines and we are able to read his writing. Tate is more willing to try new things when introduced to them and does not get upset when asked to try. He is excited and happy to do things. He is also a lot happier and has turned into a little gentleman to talk with.”
Misty D.
“The Auditory Connections Program seems to have helped Brooks become more calm and focused. We were trying to find alternative therapies instead of using medications, and we have noticed improvement since starting the program. When we stopped the program for a week, Brooks began to exhibit less self-control while at school and at home. We hope with continued therapy Brooks will improve his behavior, attention and focus even more.”
Kevin H.
“Rachel is much more focused now, much more likely to sit down and finish a task such as homework. She seems less distracted at home, so I am hoping this is true at school as well. She loves to read now and is likely to bring a book along with her in the car or to an event to pass the time.”
Catherine K.
"Mason has improved imensley since starting this therapy. His hand eye coordination has improved so much that he wasn't able to even do a pencil pushup, but after starting this therapy his eyes have started working together. His balance and his fine motor skills have come so far, and he was able to ride his bike in just 2 weeks after starting this program, and that had been something we had been working on getting him to do for years. His math and reading comprehension skills have excelled more than we could have ever imagine as well as his handwriting and coloring. His social skills have become more developed and has really become more social and interactive with others. His iron levels have also improved due to him finally being open to trying new foods that he wouldnt eat before."
Rebecca R.
"Blake has always had a lot of anxiety and gets nervous and worked up over certain things that frighten him. He has learned to better control these situations and has become a lot calmer. We took him to get his shots at the Dr. office before starting this therapy and he had a meltdown screaming and crying and created a scene, after starting this program he got through it just fine with out any tears or meltdowns. His attention span has become better and he is able to sit and work on something for longer periods of time while staying more focused."
Rebecca R.