Rich Hearing and Tinnitus Center

2220 6th Ave SE, Suite #1, Aberdeen, SD 57401

605-725-HEAR (4327)

1116 9th Ave SE, Watertown, SD 57201

605-753-HEAR (4327)

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Changing Lives Through Better Hearing

Outreach Clinic Offices and Scheduled Days


Bethesda and Davis Court:

Dates: Every 1st Wednesday Morning of the Month


Location: Bowdle Hospital

            8001 5th Street W

            Bowdle, SD 57428

Phone#: 605-285-6146

Dates in Bowdle: Every 2nd Tuesday Afternoon of the Month



Location: Marshall County Healthcare Center Avera

                                    413 9th St.

                                    Britton, SD 57430

Phone #: 605-448-2253

Dates in Britton: Every 1st Wednesday Afternoon of the Month



Location: Roetell LLC (Assisted Living)

            108 S Smith Street

            Clark, SD 57225

Phone#: 605-532-5430

Dates in Clark: Every 3rd Tuesday Afternoon of the Month



Location:  Eureka Community Health Services Avera

                        410 9th St,

Eureka, SD 57437

Phone #:  605-284-2661              Fax #:  605-284-2054

Dates in Eureka: Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month



Location: Faulkton Avera Medical Center

                         1300 Oak Street (P.O. Box 100)

                         Faulkton, SD 57438

Phone #: 605-598-6239          Fax #: 605-5698-6299

Dates in Faulkton: Every 1st Tuesday of the Month



Location: Mobridge Regional Hospital and Clinics

                        1401 10th Ave W

                        Mobridge, SD 57601

Phone #: 605-845-3692          Fax #: 605-845-8239   General Fax #: 605-845-8172

Dates in Mobridge: Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the Month



Location: Carr Chiropractic Clinic PC

                        615 N Main Street

                        Redfield, SD 57469

Phone #: 605-472-1405

Dates in Redfield: Every 3rd Wednesday (in the afternoon) of the Month



Location: Rich Hearing & Tinnitus Center

                        1116 9th Ave SE

                        Watertown, SD 57201

Phone #: 605-753-4327 or 605-725-4327       Fax #: 605-725-4328

Dates in Watertown: Every Monday and Thursday from 10:00 - 4:00

Phone: 605-725-HEAR (4327) 
Fax: 605-725-4328 
Email: [email protected]



Location: Sanford Hospital Webster

                        1401 1st Street W.

                        Webster, SD 57274

Phone #: 605-345-3336

Dates in Webster: Every 3rd Tuesday of the Month