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Changing Lives Through Better Hearing

Hearing Protection

Hearing is delicate and susceptible to damage, even from everyday activities and environments. Not only does it serve to keep us safe from nearby hazards, it enables us to experience the world around us and communicate with others. Excessively loud music, concerts, power tools, and even the lawn mower can all contribute to a hearing loss when exposed to over a prolonged period of time. With the right hearing protection, you can prevent further hearing damage and preserve your remaining hearing. Rich Hearing & Tinnitus Center offers custom-fit earpieces for a wide range of activities whether it’s for work or leisure. The benefit of having custom earpieces is that you can still communicate effectively while blocking harmful noise, which ordinary earplugs will not do as they can become loose during activity. Unfortunately, the most common hearing protection options may not be as effective as you think. Foam ear plugs need to be inserted perfectly every time to provide the advertised level of protection. With custom made hearing protection you can have a great comfortable fit, as well as repeatable effectiveness. Click here to learn more about hearing protection products!