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Hearing Aid Batteries 101

We are often asked, “How long will my batteries last?” The truth is, there is no one answer that will work for every person. Essentially, each person has a unique hearing loss and as severity increases, increased amplification is required. This causes an increase in the current, which in turn reduces the battery life. Other factors such as the amount of time the hearing aid is worn, humidity, temperature, and the amount of noise in your environment can all contribute to the battery life. Here are some tips for using hearing aid batteries:

  • Batteries should not be carried loose in your pocket or purse. They should remain in its package and stored at room temperature. If they accidentally come in to contact with metal objects such as coins or keys, the battery may short out or leak.
  • Store and discard batteries in places that cannot be reached by infants, children, or pets. Used hearing aid batteries can be dropped off to Rich Hearing & Tinnitus center to be properly recycled.
  • The most common type of hearing aid batteries are zinc batteries. Zinc batteries need air to activate and power up. Once the tab is removed you can see the tiny holes in the battery; these holes allow air to enter the battery and power it up. It is important to let the battery sit for at least 5 minutes untabbed before inserting it into the hearing aid to allow the battery to reach its necessary voltage.